REF - long wait while executing a process

Hi, I’m doing a project using REF. In the Process transaction I invoke two Web automations. The problem I am having is that it takes ca. 3 minutes to start the second web workflow after the first one ends. I tried to comment out the second web flow, but then the new item to appear in the first Web automation also took ca. 3 min. (seems every time it is the same time). Does anyone have an Idea why it takes so long to continue? Eventually the flow does continue successfully every time but 3 min. is a lot and I have no idea what is causing it. I do not use delays in the workflows.


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Could you please set WaitForReady field to None from Interactive in the properties of those activities.

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Thanks @lakshman. In the end I just figured out I had left a timeout property with a value (3 min) in the On Element Appear activity. It’s a project I almost abandoned a long time ago and I was probably experimenting something.

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It must be either a timeoutms property value of a activity mentioned hard codedly with 3 mins or a Delay activity with 3 mins
Because in REFramework we don’t have any activity to take such time buddy and timeout man has a default value of only 30 seconds

Cheers @kbranko