REF Get transcation item combined with SpecificContent condititon


I have the following flow already in place:

Queue is added with information from a webpage. After the workflow for the Queue is done.
I am trying to use the REF via Get Transaction Data >> Get Transaction item.

How am i able to define 8 different information that is added inside one queue item. The 8 i am mentioning, belong to one specific supplier. The queue might add 10 different suppliers.

I try to seperate the retrieved queue item and split it into 8 different variables to add to Excel cells.

With this said, i need it to loop through all 10 queue items.

I am having trouble to find the best solution inside the REF. Please correct me if the REF is not the right place for my automation.

Thanks in advance!

very interesting usecase!

One approach can be, Send one transactions item to Process transaction, perform the spilt and run for the splitted part using a Loop there itself. You can put the logic to check if all the splitted items are pass then onlyvthat transaction item will be marked as success in Set Transaction Status workflow

Second approach can be, get all the transaction items at once, use a Loop to iterate through them, while in Loop, just split the content and make the enteries in a datatable (use build datatable in the init State with required columns)

Once all the data from queue is read and splitted, you’ll have a datatable that is the entire data that needs to be process.Then change the transaction item’s datatype and send one row at a time as transaction item to the process transaction State

You may have one column in your custom build datatable, that represents the queue reference and check in set transaction status workflow, if the incoming datarow has a different queue reference than before, if yes then accordingly update that queue item(success or fail)



Thank you for your response.

I got it working via the REF, thanks to your explanation, it gave me plenty of options to try out.

Could you provide info on how to solve the following errors?
I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the framework.



That error means that you are trying to perform some action on a null variable.

As you are getting that in the Log message activity. Suggest you to debug and check the value of all the variables passed in that activity, one of them will be null and hence this error appears.

To avoid this you may check the value before using it. strVariableName.IsNull will give you the boolean output to confirm if the variable is null or not and then you can accordingly have activities that uses/not uses this variable to avoid such errors

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