Reducing wait time when extract structured data from web page


I configured a “UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData” activity to extract structured data from a web page with the NextLinkSelector option defined.

However, I noticed that when extracting data on the last page, i.e. the NextLinkSelector element no longer existed, there was a lag before the automation process continued normally.

Is there a way to reduce this lag or wait time?


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usually we would have either used ELEMENT EXISTS activity or IMAGE EXISTS activity
if not use that activity to validate whether that element exists or not as these two activities will give us a boolean variable which can be used with a IF condition like this
bool_exists = True
where bool_exists is a output variable from any one of those two activities (if used) and if the condition satisfies it will go to THEN part where we can continue with the process remaining

COMING TO THE POINT to reduce the time lag with element exists activity we can set the time as 10000 milliseconds in the TIMEOUT property in the ELEMENT EXISTS activity
as the default value is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds) it can be reduced to 10 seconds so that the bot will wait only till 10 seconds until that element appears, if not it will give us FALSE as output

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Hi @Palaniyappan, thanks for your reply. However, how do I use an Element Exists or Image Exists activity together with the Extract Structured Data activity in this case?

The option NextLinkSelector is part of the Extract Structured Data activity and it would be great if there is a timeout setting for it, i.e. to reduce the time looking for the next page indicator.


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you got the point already buddy
next page indicator will be our element here
so choose that element with ELEMENT EXISTS activity and get the output with a variable of type boolean named bool_element
–next to the EXTRACT STRUCTURED DATA activity use this element exists and get the output
–followed by that use IF condition and mention the condition like this
bool_element = True
if true only then it should iterate and go for the next data extraction

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I actually have a quicker and I think - in the end - the 100% correct solution :slight_smile:
The thing is that in order to decrease the timeout when the NextLinkSelector is validated (if it exists or not) all you have to do, is change the TimeOut for the Entire Etract Structured Data activity as they are interconnected. Shortly said: if you put 1000 MS into the Extract Structured Data TimeOut field, the waiting time for the NextLinkSelector will be also only 1000 MS. If the field stays empty (that means in UiPath nomenclature by default 30 seconds) the NextLinkSelector will also have the same timeout (meaning: 30s)…

I hope that helps.