Reducing unnecessary If conditions, repeated sequences

Hi, I am currently processing DataRows. Each data row has Group, Division and Department. I want to find a file that corresponds to group, division and department in the form (group).(division).(department).xlsx. If the department cannot be found, go up one level and find the file (group).(division).xlsx. If it still cannot be found, go up another level to (group).xlsx.

The problem is that sometimes the department or division is blank, so I check directly in the lowest level that has info e.g. if department is missing, just go ahead and search in division level.

This results in many If conditions which makes it difficult to maintain. E.g. first check if department is present, then within this if branch there is another bunch of nested if’s to check three levels… if department not present then check if division is present, within this, check two levels with nested if’s… and lastly check if group is present and if no file found, throw exception.

How do I organize the activities without having repeated sequences?

I suggest you can filter DataRows with department or division is blank before check condition.
as a result of no blank department or division in datarows.its reduce iteration also

hope its help
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If I may also suggest something. Try to use Flow Decision activity instead of If. This makes project more “readable” and easier to maintain :wink:

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