Redis in AWS Cloud

What is the procedure for Installation and Configuration in the AWS Redis?

Redis in AWS Cloud : Below Steps are to be performed to install and configure Redis in AWS Cloud.
  • Create Redis Server in AWS
  • Configuration in the Orchestrator server

Create Redis in AWS
  1. Go to AWS console

  1. Click on Services Search for Redis and Click on the ElasticCache as shown in the screenshot

  1. Click Create to launch the new Redis server.

  1. Cluster engine should be Redis and click the same, since Orchestrator supports Redis for session syncing. To create a cluster environment, check the cluster mode for High Availability.

  1. Fill all necessary fields that are required as shown in below screen shot

  1. Click on the Advance Redis Settings.
  2. Provide the necessary information click on create as shown the below screenshot.

Note: Redis and Orchestrator server should be in same network on the AWS.

  1. Once Redis server created, the below is available and up to date. Copy the Primary Endpoint as shown in the below screenshot

Configuration in the Orchestrator server

  1. Go to web.config file and edit below setting.

  1. Restart IIS and run the Orchestrator.