Recursive Activity

I am new to automation and UIPath also.
I am doing a web automation.
After filling few fields, I have to save the details to database(Save button click).
The save will take the time from 15 seconds to 10 mins.

if the save time exceeds 20 seconds, the end user doesnot know whether system is doing an activity or not.
So need to show a pop up(say for every 10 seconds, show “Save in progress…”) or some kind of progress.

If I show a popup, automation system itself should click “OK” on it rather than using clicking on “OK”,
and in the background system should contiune the saving of work.

How can I achieve this in UIPath??



We can achieve it using Tooltip activity (former Callout) and Parallel activity as the following image, for example.

Note: please make sure to set true at condition property of Parallel activity.


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