Recruitment process

how to develop recruitment process using uipath any demo viedos

Hi @damodar99,

Your question is very generic and there’s no standard out of the box solution to automate a recruitment process. I suggest you search through the forum or use a search engine to look for any existing solutions.

HI @damodar99

I don’t think you can find such solutions online. The recruitment process is a big process as a whole and how you do it may differ from requirements. There are lot of aspects when it comes to the recruitment process like

  1. What exactly in the recruitment process are you trying to automate?
  2. what are the steps in your recruitment process
  3. How are you planning to handle the automation of each task
  4. Are there any process enhancements to be done in the current process before automating it?
  5. How are you going to screen the candidates
  6. Which media are you going to use to do it, LinkedIn, CV documents sent to HR team? soft copies or hard copies
  7. If your process also involves parts that happen after interviewing, what are those, and how are you going to do it
  8. What’s the plan to do the communication between the candidate and the employer during the selection process

There can be many more tasks for sure. This involves a great deal of effort and planning as there are so many sub processes involved in the recruitment process as a whole. So, you might need to think which task are you trying to automate and plan for it based on the requirements of the company and considering their current process. You will need to do some requirement gathering and a study on the current process and look for areas that you can improve while the automation is done. Finalize the plan and come up with a design for the automation.