Recreate Jobduration in Hours Tile from Robots Template

Hey Community,
I am new to Insights and am currently trying to recreate the first tile from the ‘Robots’ dashboard in the UiPath Templates section in the newest Insights version (21.10.).
The tile looks like this:

Looking into the template, it looks like the calculation for each one of the numbers is done using a custom Measure and a custom table calculation, that look like this:

Table Calculation:

When I tried to copy the same steps in my own dashboard I get an error in both of the custom fields:

  1. The option ‘jobs.job_duration_in_hours’ is not available in the dropdown for the measure
  2. the field ‘job_duration_in_hours_unattended’ does not exist

What am I missing or not understanding here?

Can someone give guidance or maybe link to a tutorial where this is explained?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Hi @Felix_Rech1 Welcome to the Forum. I saw a few courses in the Academy … maybe that could help you.

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