Recover the work of Robot

Hi team of Uipath
Is there anyway to recover or start from the same point when the robot is stopped in the middle of it’s execution.
Is there any setup or activity in the uipath to upcome or recover or undo the system.
Cause of the stopping the running could be system crash, power off, mistakely stop the robot, etc.

@Kuenzang This can be handled in Orchrestrator. As you move your process forward for each point where you produce something productive you set a transaction status, by mistake if the program stop it would continue from the last successful state of the process.


Hi @WhenCutEsh
It can be only done by Orchrestrator? Uirobot cannot do that?

Hi @Kuenzang!

Yes, Uirobot has retry mechanism!
If you are already familiar with RE framework,
You can change MaxRetryNumber value in constants sheet of config excel file to whichever number of retries you want system to make. By default the value will be zero. Upon configuring this constant, in case of system/app failure, robot will start execution from where it has stopped.
Note:only works for system/App crash but will not recover if you stop execution by mistake.

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Hi @SaiKrishna147
please can you share me one simple demo of it?


All you need to do is open a new Robotic Enterprise framework project from start menu in Uipath.

Once you open it go to SetTranscationStatus xaml file under Framework folder. You will be able to see there how REFramework behaves for business exception, system error and success criteria.