Recover a deleted queue


I got a bit trigger-happy and deleted a queue that had quite a bit of data in it (and some items that still needed to be processed).

Is it possible to recover a queue on Orchestrator?

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i hope we wont be able to recover a deleted queue from orchestrator

Cheers @JohnMac

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I have a similar issue - our IT guys have inadvertently archived our orchestrator database of all data that is older than 45 days. We have all the data in an archive database and we’d like to restore just the queue items and history for reporting purposes. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hello, maybe you can try a third-party recovery tool. Bitwar Data Recovery is free and easy to use, I think you can have a try.

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You can use the ‘UiPath.Core.Activities.GetQueueItems’ activity to get the state of the queue. Change the filter by ‘Successful’ and add it again in the same queue .

Otherwise, you can try a third-party too. Many data recovery software can do that, such as iBoysoft, Wondershare, Recuva, hard to name all. I have used iBoysoft Data Recovery , which provides a free trial and supports to preview. It is said that it can recover all kinds of files from various devices. Maybe you should have a try.

Hope it works.