Records repeating in Insight dashboard

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We are reading some email and entering it as an item in the queue. In Process state we are checking if we have received any response of that email. But once the item is picked its status changes to In Progress and then success in Set transaction status,

So till the time the acknowledgement is not received it will add the item into the queue and checking. So that many times the same record will be adding in the Insight dashboard. Is there a way to not repeat in the dashboard or not adding it to the queue again and again ?

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could you please help me out here ?

Add a reference to those queue item which will
Eventually make them unique

To keep a unique reference mention the timestamp like this


As it has seconds it will have unique value all the time and when passed as reference along the queue item it makes that queue items a unique one

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Actually we have been asked not to make unique reference due to some scenarios.

Thing is once one email is received it has an order# in the subject line. Bot is fetching that email and inserting into the queue. In Process state our job is to check if we have eceived any respnse of that email (for that order#). If yes fine but if not then that transaction item output parameter will set as Pending, but that transaction item will be marked as Success in the Set Transaction Status. So we are making the entire email chain of that order# as Unread. And then in the next BOT run again we are entering that email into the queue so that it can check in the Process state if we have received any response or not. If yes fine else mark it Pending.

So in this case for the same email (order#) its again and again marking the same record as Pendng making duplicate records till the time one response is received for that email. SO how can we prevent that.

Insght dashboard automatically takes the records from the queue so it has multiple records as Pending (repeating as duplicates). How can we prevent that ?


Could you please help me out here ? I saw in few posts you have spoken about Insights.

Hi @kkpatel ,

The Duplicacy is due to the reason that you are adding a new Item to the Queue again.

Although it is the same item that you need to process.

So I would suggest you to use Postpone Transaction Item Activity which will change the Same Transaction Item State to New, instead of Marking the item as Success and Adding the same detailed item again as a new Queue Item.

More Information on the Activity is below :

Thanks @supermanPunch

But do we have to put a condition, either Postpone or Set Transaction Status ? How to handle Set Transaction status ?

@kkpatel It depends on your Scenario actually and the Condition that you want to Apply.

If (Condition to Add Item to Queue Again = True)
Postpone the Transaction Item
Set Transaction Success