Recording screen by orchestrator

I would like to know if this functionality exists or suggest an idea.
Recently I needed to analyze a bot in production but access to the virtual machine is difficult.
I would like to know if there is any option, or suggest a tool, in orchestrator to select some queues and ask the bot to record the screen during execution. This way the analysis can be done based on the video and improvements can be applied in the development.


We don’t have any such option to record the session during Bot run. If required you can install any recording app in Prod machine and start the recording before process started. (You need to add these steps in your script)

Instead of videos, maintain proper logging mechanism in your script so that we can easily track bot actions. And also use Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot at major places you want. So that you can easily check whether Bot working as expected or not.

Thanks @lakshman
I took as a basis a robot that I have recently maintained. The robot is in production and was developed by someone else. Any change in the code needs a lot of permissions. In this case I need to analyze it first and prove the necessity to update the bot.