Recording from web with diferent browsers

hello to all!
i’m testing the very simple exemple which is to obtain the hour in bucarest.
what i have::
if i use m_ edge then i’ve got exatly what is described in the course ( the sequence of activitys is the same); and i’ve got the hour…
if i use chrome, then the sequence of activitys is not the same as described and worse… i do not have the hour!!! ( for exemple i’ve got an attach activity which is not in the exemple…)
so my question:
do we must use always M_edge? if not how do i know where are the diferences?
thank you!

Hi @antonio_campos, welcome to UiPath community!! So if you use a different browser, and the sequence of events to get the hour is different, then the same activities you used to record M_edge won’t work. You have to design a new flow for google chrome! You can use any browser of your preference, it doesn’t have to be M_edge. Whichever browser you use, make sure to be clear with the steps involved in the process, and once you have a good understanding of them, you can start building a bot! Hope this helps!

thank you for your reply.i’ve done it. however i thought that for a development in a browse it would be possible to use it in any browse. so it’s not the case.
anyway thank you

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