Recording Click does not bring results

In the recording process,
Why does Save & Exit be disabled when Recording> Basic> Click processing?
Is it because I have security processing on the screen and do not recognize it?

please answer about my question.

(Recording Click does not bring results)

Hi Yoon,

What Studio version do you have?

What element are you trying to Click? Can you also try to click in Notepad and see if it works?


Hi! ovi.
The studio version is 2018.1.2.
element is an accounting program of another company.
(Menu on the accounting program screen)
Notepad, general website is clicked as normal.


So only in that accounting program the Save&Exit is disabled?

The other screen has no abnormality.
Only the screen can not get any information.

So, let’s make it clear.

  • You click on Recorder - Basic and the screenshot you shared appears
  • You click on the “Click” button and then nothing happens
  • After the Click, the “Save&Exit” button is still disabled

Have you tried with another Recording? For example Desktop?

Yes. Desktop, basic, web, Citrix and so on.

And with other recorder tool it works? For example “Type into”?

Other recorder tools do not all recognize the screen information.
Type, Text, Image…It’s not possible.

There’s a problem with selection on that environment. If you use UiExplorer on Notepad, can you identify individual elements?

Hi! Gabriel_Tatu

If you use UiExplorer on Notepad, can you identify individual elements?
=> No problem at all. I tested it with a real notepad.

The notepad test is normal.

ok, now we need to find out what type of program is that you are using…
is it java maybe?

Does it mean an accounting program (screen)?
The accounting program does not know what language the source was made from.

can you share that program? :slight_smile:

I can not create a program.
I have to click the menu of the accounting program.
I can not write the program because I can not get the screen information even if I click Recording in UiPath.

Does the screen get secured because it is not secure?
I want to know why I can not get the information on the screen.

what about starting uipath studio as administrator? can you try like that?

I started as an administrator and got the information.
Thank you so much for solving your problem.
I will ask you one more thing.
Why do I need to run as administrator to get the screen information?

because there are some security policies set for that application, on your environment that does not allow our robot to interact with that app

I was in trouble because I could not solve the problem. I really appreciate you for your help.
Thank you very much.