Recorder's "Change Application" button not present

Hi All,
In the Foundation developer training, the UI Automation section example mentions that we need to click the “Change Application” button in the recorder. However, I do not see that button both in StudioX, and Studio. Am I missing some configuration? Please help?

This is how it looks on my setup without the Change App button -

And this is how it looks in the training example -

Hi @naj.r ,

You mean to say, you are not able to see other recorders in studio x and studio.
Is i understood correct ?

No. As I understood in the training it mentions that the “Change Application” button lets you choose another application window, if you wish to switch to another application. My question is that while I launch the recorder, and when I wish to change the application, it doesn’t allow me to do so because the button doesn’t appear in the recorder. My screenshots show the difference.
I hope I am clear now? Thanks

Are you using the latest version?
Not sure on which version this video recorded for tutorial which is having that change app button.

Yes, I am using the latest version.
Yeah true, perhaps the tutorial is on a different version? Hope someone here can confirm, if it is so, or any configs I am missing?