Recommended Display Resolution for BOT machines

May i know the recommended Display resolution for BOT machines for SAP & Browser related ui automation to work without any issues?

Because , Most of the time the bot unable to find the “Save As” window in screen and type the file name. though it is clearly visible in screen.

OS : Windows server 2016
Modern Folders
Orchestrator Version : 2021.10.4
Current Resolution set in Bot machines : 1920 X 1024

hi @Sathish_Kumar_S,

What activity do you use for Save As and the File name field?

Hello @Sathish_Kumar_S

Does that mean sometimes bot is working as expected?
If yes, in the Type activity just enable click before type and add some more delay. Also make sure the selector doesn’t have any dynamic attrbiutes.


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Can you please verify the selector is correct or not