Recommendation needed on UiPath Apps and Forms

Is UiPath Apps an advanced version of Forms? Can someone please share your ideas on differences between these 2 components? What are the pros and cones of they? What is the best practice to Apps and Forms, and when?

Hi @jamesjacobsydney,
I would say that Apps and Forms are the same things in many aspects. The main difference is that using Apps you can build a web-based tool that everyone in your organization can run and work with without having any robot and assistant installed on the machine. You can decide for example that a particular button will trigger the process on the defined machine and so on.
Using Forms you can do the same things but it will work and display only to those users who are eligible to run the process (those who have the robot/assistant installed).

Thanks @Pablito , I am exploring this further. Another difference I noticed is that Apps need license, but Form is an activity, which doesn’t need extra license.

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