Recieving emails with xls attachement

Hi all,

I have the following situation:

1.) I am sending out an email with an xlsx file to > 50 colleagues in my oranisation.
2.) my colleagues have to look in the xlsx file and have to leave a comment next to there e-mail adress.
3.) Each of them is sending the files back to me and I put all the 50 files together to have one file with all the data.

Please check my sample screenshot: In the end I have one xlsx where I put all the comments next to the corrosponding emails.


Is there a way to automate that with UiPath, or can someone give me some other advice how to automate that issue?

Thank you very much.


Hi @Thor ,

If we are still open to change the approach of automation, then I would suggest instead of sending the excel file, you could maybe keep the Excel stored in a Google Drive/ Microsoft Teams and then send the location link to the users (provided the link should be accessible by all).

This way, users can update the data through the link. You would also be able to perform an automation to download the file from a Single point maybe at a particular time where the users are expected to complete the updation.

Hope the above is understandable.

But if you still wish to process it in the normal way mentioned, we can do that as well.
It would involve following Activities.
Get Outlook Mail Messages Activity.
For Each Activity.
Save Attachments from Mail Activity.
Read Range/Write Range (Workbook/Excel) Activity.
Merge Datatables Activity.

You could take a look on the above activities and it’s documentation and let us know if you need further help.

Let us know your thoughts on the methods suggested.