Receiving email from orchestrator for only when the particular process is failed

We are receiving summary report from orchestator for all the failed process. But we are expecting to receive email report for only when the particular process is failed. This email is should be configurable for every process.

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Hi @Ajithkumar_P,
What about including additional workflow in project which will send mail in case if process catch exception?

Hi @Pablito,

I have added extra workflow inside the project to send email for any expected error,success and business rules. This idea needed for some unexpected error will fail the robot .

Usually , we are receiving combined summary reports from orchestrator with number of process failed between some time interval.

Now,we are requesting to add one more feature in orchestrator. if any process failed unexpectedly ,orchestator needs to send a report to particular configured email .that email should be configurable at the time of publishing the package or creating the process.

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