Receiver unable to see the screenshots attached in the Emailbody

Yes we need to write some hard codded text in the email body so i used html body along the mail.

Did we need to uncheck Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages in outlook settings.

Is it a simple text or with HTML tags buddy
If not then kindly uncheck and try once

It has some html tags buddy,and you know i save it as a html template and assigned to a variable and passing it on body.

To which mail we are sending like to gmail or outlook and Sender is not able to view at…

We were sending it to both outlook and some client mails. But it is not working both the places,But when sending to yourself it is working :slight_smile:

Fine then we need to check with other end user outlook settings and I hope it’s not the issue with activity we have used
As per this

Cheers @Yaswanth1995

  1. Are you using ‘img’ tag to embed the image?
    If yes, where is the image located?
    Is it in your local pc or you have upload the image to cloud?

Please note:
Using ‘img’ with local image makes the image not appeared in receiver email.

But now it is in under testing buddy, and i am just sending it to my manager email though both the accounts were same it’s not working either.

1.Yes i am using image tag to embed the image.
2. It is in my local PC.
3. No i have not uploaded to cloud.

Note : Could you help me to upload them in cloud.

Thanks in advance @ alexologica.

Small Doubt @ alexologica, Will it automatically replace the image in Colud every time we take screenshot.

Do you have cloud server?
If not, my suggestion is

  1. Use content-id
    How to add the images in SMTP mail body - #5 by vvaidya
  2. Convert the image to base64 string
    Embedding Images in HTML Emails: A How-To for 2021 | Campaign Monitor
    And use <img src=" >

@alexologica Ok let me check it once and i will get back to you if i had any doubts.
Thanks a lot for your valuable time buddy :slight_smile: .

No worry, good luck!

Hi Good Morning @alexologica.

It is working for all my colleagues but not for my manager email. can you help me why?

Is there any difference in outlook setting with others and yours

They were using 2010 version and i am using 2016 is that an issue?

Hmm not so
I just had A doubt on it
Kindly check once directly with the settings between them
Cheers @Yaswanth1995

@Palaniyappan Buddy the problem with Version they were using, When they opened the same mail in web it is working.

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