Receipt & Invoice AI


I was going through the blog on Receipt and Invoice AI. Can the XAML file be please shared? The video is not much helpful to build a similar one.

You have some examples at the end of the first post from here:

You can download it from there:


The workflow shared is showing missing activity. What packages are used. I tried to install WebAPi and Machine learning extractor packages.But no use. Please share proper workflow

Hi @sirisharani14 you may prefer with this

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Hi @sirisharani14… Here’s the instructions how to.

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Hi @Gemlan data extraction scope inside use ML Extractor but URL Endpoint not found.

showing error.

Hi @Rahul369 you don’t have to open the URL you will just put it on the properties of the ML extractor. See below image.


Hi @Gemlan My orchestrator server version 20.1.13 there is not mention so where i get that api key and endpoint.

@Rahul369 its on the you have an account right?

Its on the licenses as per below

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@Rahul369 the endpoint are default: