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Can you please tell me that can I add fields like GSTIN number etc?

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Is it possible to train or add new fields.for data extraction

Whenever i checked a invoice taxonomy data inside configure extractor…ML extractor shows unauthorized AP key…Please help…

Hi All,

I am using IntelligentOCR and Machine Learning Extractor under Document Understanding to extract data from invoices and getting this error code “Request is unauthorized”:

I have already copied API key from Platform.Uipath.

My workflow is
Invoices v1.xaml (23.2 KB)

Any help is highly appreciated.


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Regenerate the API Key and write it into Server ==> ApiKey


Thanks! It work after I regenerated new API key.

I have another question about reading the datatable containing the information on the items (such as decription, Quantity, unit and amount) from the extracted results (which is a data set). I can read table(0) from the dataset via ExportExtractionResults which contain information such as Name, address,Total. Please see my xaml file for more details.

Many thanks in advance

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i am also stuck with displaying dt.Tables(“Item”) after appending on Excel right nowCapture

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That’s what i was also wondering about. I can run the same invoice thru the robot and it always starts the validation phase. I thought the idea was that there was a learning component to it, so that once invoice format was corrected then on the second pass invoice of a similar format would be at least mostly correctly recognized. Is that not the case? Thanks!

@alexcabuz How can we extract “Items” table in excel sheet. This project can extract all data except Invoice Table.

Same problem I am seeing, @Anamika15 did you get solution?

I am unable to get tabular information “Items” table.

Same problem I am facing with datable, I am unable to get table in exported excel sheet. @alexcabuz what method we should follow in order to get table in exported results.



I found a way to get the information under the “Items” table using activities Extract semi-structured document. Please see the xaml attached. The output excel file will be stored at E:\Invoice_Out\1ExtractedResults.xlsx. You will have to enter your own API key for ML in Extract semi-structured document activities.

Trial run 3 extract Items Tables.xaml (20.2 KB)

1ExtractedResults.xlsx (10.8 KB)

Hope you will find this useful.