Receipt and Invoice AI - Now available in Public Preview!

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This is available in the output variable ExtractionResults of the Data Extraction Scope.



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Hang in there, we are working on it! Stay tuned!


I am working on community version of UiPath 2018.4.6. When I run the code given it is giving
me error “An error occured while sending the request”. Can i know what is going wrong?

Thank you

Hi @alexcabuz,

While using the Machine Learning Extractor sometimes I’m getting these errors

‘Machine Learning Extractor: Error while copying content to a stream.’
‘ML Extractor - Invoices: An error occurred while sending the request.’

can i know the reason and solution for this error?

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Hello @Ramyaraju - can you please share a document on which this error can be reproduced consistently? If it is a bug, we’d like to reproduce and fix it…

Also, logs and complete error messages would be of great help as well.



Hi @loana_Gligan,

Thanks for the reply.

Attached .xaml file is without any input documents(pdf) files because its sensitive customer data. (310.9 KB)

Below attached are the logs faced due to the errors,
‘Machine Learning Extractor: Error while copying content to a stream.’
‘ML Extractor - Invoices: An error occurred while sending the request.’ (192.7 KB)


Hello Everyone,

Can somebody please help me to understand, how we can save the extracted invoice data into Excel sheet in this DataExtraction_MIExtractor Example. I have a knowledge on building Data table and Add Data Row activities to save the Items. Just Confused how to get these extracted values into Variables.


Hi @winningvish -

Add Export Extraction Results (Create out variable Ex: ExtractedRes)
Then write these Datasets into excel with for each.


Hope it works for you!

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Hi @harsha_vardhan,

Thank you so much for your kind reply.
yes its worked only for the values extracted by the robot.
How we can save the values, as a human that we have edited while execution? The Values that we are edited are not saving in the Excel.


Is there a way I can extend this functionality to different type of documents such as bank statements etc.?

Hi @Sangeeta_Paranjape

NO, you have to implement your own models, Uipath brings on-premises ML models implementation/usage in Q1 2020.

@winningvish, will check and update you. try Extract Semi structured documents activitie in Go!



ok, thank you!

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Hi alex,
There was a script for training in workflow.
is it static i mean the keyword clasifer for classifying the type

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Wow!!! was looking forward to this!!! :smiley:

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thanks for this example.

how can I improve the reader? because now, I have an invoice, but the system isn’t able to read quantity column (picture below).


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Have you tried using the Export Extraction Results activity?

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I don’t undestand how to use Machine Learning. I downloaded this then opened in UiPath, added needed libraries, but it does not work. I saw how it is defining some needed parts from text on image. I can’t to save results of Machine Learning work for next attempts and what type in Classify Document Scope do need for parameter ClassificationResults (i tried use UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ExtractionResult, but then i met error with one-dimensional array conversion)? Please, help me :frowning:

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HI all

i downloaded sample file ,but i could not find any invoice to run the code in folder.Can some1 help me out how to run extract information from invoice with this machine learning code.

Rohan s

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