Reboot Your Skills - Working with Excel - Data Scraping and End of Data

When data scraping, can edits be made later (such as to column name or order)?
Also, if Excel can skip empty lines, how is the end of the data determined (or does it go to the bottom of all Excel rows)?

Hi @cora.knutson

1)You can,t Edit your datascraping after it made …
2)Excel will not skip empty lines Instead if that you have to place a condition (i,e string.IsnullorEmpty(row(“columnName”).Tostring)
3) 1. Use Read Range Activity. set input: SheetName=“your sheet”, Range="" (this must be empty to read all value from sheet), …
2. Use Assign Activity. rCount (this is your row counter)= yourDataTable. Rows .Count.
3. Write Line Activity. yourDataTable. Rows (rcount-1)(0).ToString (this write First cell value of last row in output pan)


I think I was not clear in my question about skipping rows.
When using a column of data (Excel For Each Row), I can select EmptyRowBehavior = Skip.
If I do this, how far down the spreadsheet does the robot go seeking data? Does it go to the bottom of the table? the bottom of the sheet? or when does it stop seeking another row of data?
Thank you.