Reboot Your Skills Program - Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Eder,
i work at automation.
I’m joining in from Campinas- São Paulo - Brazil.
Before I was a programmer and an opportunity arose to build robots in another tool, I started to like it and I never stopped delving into RPA studies.


Hola a todos, soy juan ibarra, conectado desde colombia y con muchas ganas de aprender sobre RPA.

Hola comunidad mi nombre es Johnny Siles , estoy ubicado en San José Costa Rica y estoy muy emocionado por aprender todo lo relativo a RPA

hi to all
i’m from portugal and i’m teacher in high school
like in many other countrys, we teachers have a lot of administrative work to do by yourselfs. so with rpa i hope to be able to have a robot to put the student’s classification, to write some documents and to make a lot of other work where a robot can work better and faster ( at least it’s what i hope…)

Hello everyone! My name is Andy! Join from Perú.

Hi Everyone from Madrid, Spain.
I’m used to automate software tests without code and I hope learn about RPA.

Hello, My name is Alex, and I am from Guatemala, I want to learn more about automation skills because I’m working with UiPath. I’m excited to start the course and to join the community.

Hello everyone, My name is German, i am from Honduras, Central America. Actually i am a software engineer.

Hello everyone.
My name is Jesus Perez, I am IT Technologies Leader.
I am from Mexico.

Hola a todos, mi nombre es Leandra Sánchez, soy ingeniera en software y espero del curso aprender automatizar procesos de la empresa.

Hi everyone! I am Carol from Brazil. I am Reporting Manager and responsible for the Process committee from the company defining standards with other departments and finding improvement oportunities. With this course I hope to be able to help the company to eliminate part of manual and repetitive work.

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Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Alejandro y soy de Chile, específicamente de Chiloé, que está ubicado a sur de nuestro pais. He desarrollado de manera autodidacta un par de Robots con UIPath StudioX y me gustaría profundizar mucho mas sobre esta excelente herramienta. Éxito a todos en este curso. Saludos

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Hi everyone. I’m also from Brazil like some professionals I saw here. I’m a project supervisor and after this course I want to be able to learn how to increase the skills of my team in automatization and digitalization process. I’m starting to build a team and everyone is beginner.

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Hi , im from indonesia, im an RPA developer (Ui Path) , nice to meet you feel free to reach out to me

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Hello Everyone,

I am Antonio Navarrete from Panama. I am an Electronic Engineer and I look forward to learn more about RPA.

Hi Everyone! I’m Moises Yurcowicz joining in from Panama City, Panama. Willing to to learn and improve my abilities.

Hola, me llamo Estrella. Les saludo desde Tabasco, México. Soy principiante en RPA, me interesa adquirir habilidades en esta comunidad y aplicar lo aprendido en tareas diarias. De igual manera, me interesa el proceso de automatización en las redes.

Me entusiasma este curso.

Hi everybody my name is Gustavo, I work in tecnology areas, usually in programmer and education jobs, I´m based in Guatemala, my native lenguaje is spanish, but I´m trying to practice my English. I want to learn about these tecnologies becausse in my environmet usually I identify areas that sould be automaticed to make the work more agile.

  • What’s your name? Hi, Mi name is Eduardo Rodríguez
  • What kind of work do you do? I work as Business Analyst
  • Where are you based? I am based in México City
  • Why do you want to learn automation skills, or what are you hoping to automate? I want to learn to automate to help my development team and to better understand my client’s needs and have the best automation solution.
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Hola soy Ernesto Ammann, de Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina!!

Saludos a todos y a todas!!