Reboot Your Skills Program - Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone, Im Daniel from Chile. Nice to meet you all, and have a nice learning.

Hello all you bots and humans. This is Marcio from Brazil. I work as IT Specialist in a pharmaceutical company that already have RPA initiatives using UiPath. I’m looking for improve my skills to be able to contribuite with several projects we already have in our digital transformation roadmap.


Buen día, mi nombre es Juan Marín de Colombia, me alegra poder unirme a esta etapa de aprendizaje de RPA, ya que hace poco tiempo comencé a laborar como freelance desarrollador en una gran compañía que utiliza esta capacidad para la optimización del tiempo y satisfacer a sus clientes y es muy necesario el conocimiento de esta herramienta y su capacidad.

Hello everybody, regards from Colombia.

hey lucas if you have any opportunities for remote working please share , thanks

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Buenos días
Soy Esperanza Pérez, escribo desde España.
Me dedico a formación y ayudo en acciones en preventa.
He realizado varios cursos de UiPath y espero mantenerme actualizada al respecto.

Sou o Edmilson, estou em CURITIBA, PARANÁ, BRASIL
Sou GP e quero aprender a automatizar minhas tarefas

Saludos desde Panamá,

Mi nombre es Martín Coronado. ing. en sistemas y desarrollador RPA desde hace 1 año.

Hi all!

This is Marc Conesa, Governance, Risk & Compliance Consultant at PwC, from Barcelona Spain. I am happy to join the Reboot Your Skills course program. I am looking forward to learn more about RPA and expand my knowledge on automation.

Open to connect with other future UiPath Certifieds!!!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Talita Pimenta, I m based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently I work at EY with consultant Technology.
I learning automation because provide any possibilities to work in the word. I wish one day work to UiPath another Country. This my motivation to study more and more.
I very happy to start a new era in my carrier.

Buenos días,

Mi nombre es Diego Gómez, actualmente vivo en Cali, Colombia y trabajo en una entidad del sector financiero. Estoy interesado en aprender sobre RPA porque es una tendencia cada vez más fuerte en las empresas de mi país y considero que así puedo aportar mayor valor donde me encuentre y dar un impulso a mi carrera profesional.

Hello, my name is Daniela Ortiz from Colombia. I’m biomedical engineer and i work at Suramericana de seguros -SURA. I am so excited to learn about RPA, i’m new in this!


Buenas tardes. Mi nombre es Julián Henao de Colombia. Soy Ingeniero electrónico y deseo aprender a automatizar muchas de mis tareas diarias.

Hi Everyone. My name is David from Brazil. I am a plant manager and I want to apply the automation in the administrative work with my team


What’s your name?
Hi, my name is Everton William

what kind of job do you do?
I am a requirements analyst in the area of process automation, I am currently certified on the IBM RPA platform and I am looking for other platforms to expand my origins in the automation world.

Where are you based?
I am based in Brazil.

Why do you want to learn automation skills or what do you expect to automate?
To expand my knowledge and be able to write requirements for any automation platform. I plan to understand and get certified soon.

Soy Juan, dese Colombia que gran Curso…

Good afternoon,
I am Enrique Andrés, an industrial engineer from Peru.
He currently manages social projects related to fair trade in Latin America.
As part of my work, I consolidate information and databases regarding the commercial management of different agro-sustainable products in the region. I hope to acquire new knowledge in automation to be able to better manage the processes that I am in charge and reduce times.
I leave my Linkedin to be in contact:

I’m George from Brazil I’m interested in meeting Uipath

Hello everyone, I am very excited to participate in this course, I hope to learn a lot about this technology. I am an electronic engineer and I am currently working on technology projects.
Miguel Sanchez