Reboot Your Skills Program - Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone, my name is Sean, I am an RPA Solutions Architect specializing in UiPath RPA. I am currently based in Singapore.

Im very happy to see the response from the UiPath Community and the interest of everyone in the UiPath Reboot Your Skills Training. I hope you all enjoy the trainings and use whatever you will learn here for real life use cases and scenarios. Please feel free to approach us if there are any queries

If you are struggling one way or another in your RPA journey, please do not feel frustrated, but instead, seek or ask for help. Because this issues that you may encounter may also have been encountered by others.

Happy Automation!

Hi everyone, My Name is Rodrigo, I am Developer web from the area human Resources, i am from Guadalajara, Mexico

I am Happy to see this course , i don´t have any experience in Robotic process or RPA, but i am sure that i will learn a lot of new things about automatizations.

Hi everyone!
I’m Harsh Jain a Software Developer who started working in the field of developing RPA for a better purpose.
I’m here to enhance my skill and potential to build effective automation through Uipath.
Excited to explore the course and looking forward to learning with you all :slight_smile:

I am José from Brazil. I work as PCP analyst and hope to find in this course basics information to start process automation projects.
Thanks for this opportunity.

It’s Rafal from Cracow, Poland here. I work as Business Dev Manager on a daily basis.
Decided to join this course to get to know UIPath’s RPA tool better and improve my dev skills too.
Stay healthy!

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Hi Team,
My name is Sandra Vega, I am from Colombia.
I work in a financial company.
I am here because I want lo discover this automation world.

Hello all, my name is Michele. I am from Portland, Oregon and work in the health industry. I am excited to be here, and to learn the UiPath, and about robots. Fun and cool.

Hi everyone, Gaurav here from India. I have been working with IT industry for more than 6 years now. I have experience in other automation tools like BPM. Learning UiPath to bring more productivity in the organization and adding value to my overall experience.

Hi all… amazing where all the participants come from! Hello to all! My name is Ulrich, I’m from Germany. I work in the automotive industry and have personally seen big advantages of RPA in action. So, I want to learn more, want to be able to understand more and not to have to rely too much on others… week1 was a challenge with the computer setup - hope week2 let’s us focus more on the good RPA stuff.
All the best to all - stay healthy!

Hi I am “Toad”. I work as a consultant for IT projects, based in the USA. I am wanting to learn RPA so I can help clients work better. I want to automate my timesheet entries and standard reports, then I will be able to do other things!

Hi, I’m Suz and I work on IT projects for my company in the USA. I’ve done some stuff with RPA’s before but am looking at polishing up my skills to help my colleagues with some automation.

Hello everyone, I’m Jason from Ohio, USA. I’m starting up a Citizen Developer program for a large healthcare organization and can’t wait to learn more.

Hope you all are doing well. This is Betina Jessen a Software Developer working in the field of developing RPA for better purpose. Presently I am based in Denmark. I opted for the course to enhance my skill and potential to build effective automation. Excited to explore the course and looking forward to learn with you all nice guys.


Hello Everyone,

I am Karthik Kapula working as an RPA Developer and I am based out of New Jersey, USA. I would like to enhance my RPA skills and use the new techniques in my present project. Also, I am very passionate about UiPath RPA and I like to explore all the products and participate in new events with UiPath.
Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to everyone.

I am enjoying this program. Thanks for making it intuitive. Looking forward to completing week 4.

Hi Shiva here from hyderbad, In RPA from Past 4 years, would love to use this tool for automating in all sectors

Hello all,

My name is Prateek Agarwal and I am from India.
I love the concept of Rebooting your skills by the UiPath. It’s very interesting to learn more about the RPA techniques and their values and how we can use robots to help our daily work.

I enjoyed all 4 weeks of lessons throughout the course. It is fun to learn and get knowledge about the RPA functionalities which will surely help you in the future.

My favorite lesson path is Automating UI and Copy, Paste folder exercises.

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Hello everyone, my name is Ray Quintero, I am a mechatronic engineer from ITSA university, I want to build automatic systems to simplify repetitive tasks, I am from barranquilla colombia thanks

Hello, I am Dumitru from Iasi, Romania. I am an System Test Engineer and i want to expore more, in order to automate my tasks.

Thanks or this opportunity!

Hi, my name is Bill and I am managing the team that is investigating RPA for use at the Department of Homeland Security. We have a few bots built in a pilot implementation and are gathering use cases from many offices. I will not be doing the work but I want to know enough to be able to speak about it intelligently. My coding skills are about 30-35 years old at this point.

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