Reboot Your Skills - Office Hours - APAC

Reboot Your Skills - Office Hours - APAC

Hello and welcome to the Reboot Your Skills Office Hours session dedicated to all users within APAC region.

UiPath experts are hosting these sessions for one hour, on a weekly basis:

Region When
APAC 2021-04-07T06:30:00Z
APAC 2021-04-14T06:30:00Z
APAC 2021-04-21T06:30:00Z
APAC 2021-04-28T06:30:00Z

During these sessions, we are going to walk through the most popular topics and demonstrate the solution.
The Q&A option is available, and we are going to answer live.

Link for the webinar can be found here.

You can also save the calendar event:
APAC Office Hours - Reboot Your Skills.ics (3.7 KB)

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Hi Can you please help me with week 3 i cant get copy file to work in Ui path can someone please show me via zoom, also having trouble publishing the file can someone please go through this with me can i please have a zoom meeting to go through these as i can not get them, thank you, Chloe

Hi Can someone please help me with the insert Colum part for week 4 as i can not get it and i am finding it so difficult to get it, can someone please do a zoom call with me to help me.
Thank you

Hi can someone please help me i am stuck on week 4 the last task is to Download file and it isnt working, please i am finding it so difficult, maybe if someone can do a zoom call to go through it with me. Thank you