Reboot Your Skills: Learn to build your own software robot in 4 weeks for FREE!

Hi UiPath Community! :wave:

Register NOW for Reboot Your Skills 2021!

Did you know that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the #3 fastest growing job skill according to Upwork’s 2019 Skills Index? :rocket:

Over the last couple of months, we’ve heard more and more companies share that they are looking to grow automation awareness internally and build more citizen developer capability.

With easy-to-use tools like Studio X, it’s easier than ever to build your own automations. And we’re committed to teaching you how. This April, we’re running Reboot Your Skills—our 4-week intro course, designed to enable business users to develop essential automation skills in <5 hours a week.

This program will provide:

  • A tailored learning plan with on-demand UiPath Academy courses and activities
  • Free download of UiPath software
  • 24/7 access to other learners in the Forum
  • Office hours to get help from UiPath experts
  • A certificate of completion

Registration is open now through April 6, when the program begins.

To learn more about the program, review our course brochure.


It will be nice event to be conscious people about RPA and our Robots.

Registered and ready to join! :slight_smile:

Registered to join :+1: Nice to have a bounded time and course material.

Will be joining with my passionate RPA enthusiasts.

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I have done my registration and eagerly waiting to learn

Registered and ready to join :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing fine!
I’m looking forward to the beginning of the course!

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Excited to attend this course!

Registered and awaiting for a new start. Thank you for the platform UiPath

Registered and ready to join!

Looking forward on leveraging this opportunity! Thank you for making this available. :grinning:

I am looking forward to learn more about RPA with UIPath

Looking forward to learning
Have little or no knowledge so far but can see the possibilities are endless

Hi everyone! It will be a very exciting training. I’m looking forward to improving my RPA capability.

Registration Done. Excited for the course

Registered and happy to join,Thaks

Is it required to do this in 4 weeks? Can we do it in, say, 8 weeks? I ask because 4-5 hours per week is a hefty commitment for people who work full time.

Hi team ! I’m ready to start the course.

As many of you guys, I am eager to start and learn.