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Hello, I am having trouble downloading the solution files from UiPath Academy. When downloading, it says I do not have permission to download the file.
I tried to download from both Edge and Chrome but still have the error.

Files I am trying to download:

Download error message:
Download error from Uipath Academy

Hi @Melissa seems to be a problem with your computer settings. Make sure you have rights to download in the indicated folder.

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@Melissa @Pooja_Suchithran I’m sorry you cannot download the solutions. We’re investigating why it’s happening. In the meantime, you can download the solution projects from this post.
Building an Out of Office Automation – Gmail - Solution (653.3 KB)
Building an Out of Office Automation – Microsoft Outlook - Solution (462.2 KB)

The problem was fixed.

My outlook worked fine with yesterday’s project, but isn’t allowing me to use any of the App & Web Automation activities (i.e., Click). The video said to update your packages, but all my packages say they’re up to date and I can’t figure out which one isn’t working.

(On the video at minute 5:22 the Indicate in Outlook element)

Any ideas?

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I was finally able to get it to work by installing another office package and using the desktop Outlook App, instead of the Outlook 365 activity

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Hi @S.Robertson! Happy to read you are resourceful!

Indeed the “Indicate in Outlook” option is only available inside the Outlook desktop resource (and all the other Office Desktop apps). To automate the UI of Outlook365, you’d have to open the mailbox in a browser, and then use the Browser resource instead of the Outlook 365 resource.