Reboot the work - UiPath

Hi all,

Planning to Kickstart with RPA UiPath🤔 Not sure how to start & where to start ? Looking🔎 for the place where we can learn beginner to advance topics ?

Here you go… I have listed few of my playlist which will help you to learn UiPath from beginners to Advance & improve your developing skills in RPA- UiPath. Also we take you into new things which are in Market Place of UiPath.
Channel Name - Reboot the work - UiPath
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Playlist Topics :robot::

UiPath Test Suite Automation
XML Activities
UiPath Web Studio
UiPath Infomative Tips & Tricks and Activities
Production Support (Ramp Up) Activities
DateTime Operation
Orchestrator HTTP Request
Debug Panel Activities
API Automation
Action Center
AI Center
Document Understanding
Regular Expression
Computer Vision Activities
CSV Automation
UiPath Orchestrator Services (Assets, Queue, Triggers, Processes, Jobs)
Types of Workflow
Error Handling
File Handling Operations
Screen Scraping & Data Scraping
Recordings in UiPath
String/Data Manipulation
Email Automation
PDF, Word & Excel Automation
Web & Desktop Automation
Download & Install UiPath