Reason to deploy on Azure? Local Client Infrastructure


We have a client that have their own infrastructure/environment outside Azure.
All the systems needed in an automated process is within their own environment (nothing on the cloud and nothing that is accessible from the outside).

With this in mind, I don’t see the actual benefit to have the Orchestrator with the Robots on Azure.
This, as this solution would anyway require us to have a second on-prem VM in the client’s environment that in turn can be used to access the needed systems in the automation.

That is: Orcehstrator (Azure) → Robot (Azure) → (RDP) → Local Client VM → Systems used by automated process.

So the bottleneck would be the Local Client VM (where we in that case would need several Local Client VM’s). Hence, a better solution would be to have the Robot installed on that Local Client VM.

We would only get a benefit if the web systems used is accessible from the outside.

Am I correct with this?