Real-time-Speech to Text(Entry to Excel)


I have a speech to text project whereby when a user speaks:
User speaks: "‘Start’, ‘42’, ‘Next’. ‘56’, ‘Next’, ‘87’, ‘Next’, ‘45’, ‘Next’, ‘76’, ‘Next’, ‘23’, ‘Next’, ‘12’, ‘Next’, ‘15’, ‘Stop’ "

Data is entered in an excel file like this:

When user speaks again: "‘Start’, ‘42’, ‘Next’. ‘56’, ‘Next’, ‘87’, ‘Next’, ‘45’, ‘Next’, ‘76’, ‘Next’, ‘23’, ‘Next’, ‘12’, ‘Next’, ‘15’, ‘Stop’ "

I wanted to know if that is possible?

is speaking is continously ?

like after the stop, do it stop the workflow?


No actually.
After the “Stop”, the program will wait for the next command, that is the “Start”. We can stop the workflow with the voice command “Kill” if that is okay.

We can do like: while command <> Kiil:

But in real-life the user, will do all the entries successively like:
"‘Start’, ‘42’, ‘Next’. ‘56’, ‘Next’, ‘87’, ‘Next’, ‘45’, ‘Next’, ‘76’, ‘Next’, ‘23’, ‘Next’, ‘12’, ‘Next’, ‘15’, ‘Stop’ "
"‘Start’, ‘42’, ‘Next’. ‘56’, ‘Next’, ‘87’, ‘Next’, ‘45’, ‘Next’, ‘76’, ‘Next’, ‘23’, ‘Next’, ‘12’, ‘Next’, ‘15’, ‘Stop’ "
"‘Start’, ‘42’, ‘Next’. ‘56’, ‘Next’, ‘87’, ‘Next’, ‘45’, ‘Next’, ‘76’, ‘Next’, ‘23’, ‘Next’, ‘12’, ‘Next’, ‘15’, ‘Stop’ "

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Ya it seems to interesting :grinning:

Let me try this

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Great. Thanks for trying @NIVED_NAMBIAR !


Any luck?
Can I help you in any way?

Hi @Yudhisteer_Chintaram1 ,

it is quite interesting. Should be attended or an unattended one?


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Hi @Yudhisteer_Chintaram1

I am working on that

I had created the python program on speech to text

But facing some issue while implementimg in Uipath due to some verison mismatch

Will let u know if it works :blush:

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Hi @balupad14 ,

Thanks for considering.
Whichever way seems to be feasible for now.
If the user could view the numbers before saying “Stop” would have been great as then he could modify it if there are any errors.
Just suggesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the effort @NIVED_NAMBIAR .
I was thinking of working with Deepspeech for the voice recog:

Anyway, keep me update for any good news:)

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