Real time monitor of an element appear

Assume that I have a workflow, inbetween the flow, there is a chance that a pop up window element will appear anytime, making the normal workflow pause until the popup is closed.

Is there any way or activities to let the robot work on the flow normally, and AT THE SAME TIME there is another “real time checking” to check if the pop up window appear (if appear just close the popup).
Note that after the pop up is closed, the workflow should resume at the point it stopped pause.

Hi @Haha

For this kind of scenarios uipath has Parallel activity where you can specify multiple sequences in horizontal manner and which will get execute parallel .Try to keep all child sequences in separate workflow and use invoke workflow activity to perform actions.


Hi @Haha
You can use REFramework in this because whenever there occurs application error like getting stuck due to popup…this framework works great.

Hope this would help u


For parallel, since the pop up will happen anywhere throughout the sub sequence of the workflow, suppose I should wrap the whole workflow by a parallel right?

But then if the pop up happen in the middle of workflow/sub sequence, and it was handled by “closing pop up” in parallel activities, I guess the whole workflow/sub sequence will end at once because the pop up is handled by the parallel function?

Hi @Haha

In these type of scenarios you can use Pick Activity , which picks the flows according to the situation,
Example: There might be a chance of pop-up appearing or not appearing throughout the workflow, if you know at what stage pop-up might come you can probable use pick.

Pick Activity : A Pick activity contains a collection of Pick Branch activities, where each Pick Branch activity is a pairing between a trigger activity and an Action activity. At execution time, the triggers for all branches are executed in parallel. When one trigger completes, then its corresponding action is executed, and all other triggers are cancelled.

Goutham Vijay

Actually the pop up will appear anytime due to system issue, I won’t be able to identify the place it happen, so can I still use pick?