Real implementation of UiPath

There are tasks that are solved using methods “Click image”, “Click text” and so on. The security technique requires you to log out of the Windows every 15 minutes, if there is no user, and these methods do not work. How to better implement UiPath?
Need you to allocate a separate computer with a monitor and hide it for security reasons? How to solve the problem of using non-background automation with serious information security?

hi @Efim123,
did you tried unattended robots?

Hi @Efim123 ,

I think what you are looking for might just be (in UiPath terminology) an Unattended Robot.

For more information on what is an attended and unattended robot, try following this link. It paints a pretty good picture and helps in understanding them.

Unattended VS Attended Robots - UiPath

From here you can better grasp what an unattended robot actually is, and hopefully it’ll solve your question.

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Thank you, abdullahnj.
The main task is the impossibility of using the Click image method in the background in SAP. Can I use OCR without a monitor?

Hi @Efim123,

I did some digging and research, but right now I don’t have an example to explain you with, so I’m going to try and do so without it, and I’ll see if I can update the post later on.

So Basically, you have UiPath robot installed on the a system (let’s call it Jarvis). The computer has the robot (Jarvis) installed, next you will go ahead and provision Jarvis under UiPath Orchestrator.

When you do so, you can supply the username and password (credentials of the system) there. In doing so, what you are doing is you are in-turn going to use one of UiPath’s in-built features.

What it does is, the Orchestrator triggers the bot and the bot does its work. But like any organisation, the computer will lock once it finds itself idle for, let’s say about 15 mins. The next time the Jarvis is triggered, it finds the computer locked. What it does is it will unlock the system using the credentials you had provided earlier, and then starts with it’s flow.

You don’t have to code this into the workflow separately or anything, this exception, so to say, is handled by UiPath when triggering the robot installed on that particular machine.

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Thank you, abdullahnj.

Task Scheduler, as I understand it, can not unlock the computer. I did not use the orchestrator, so I did not know about this function