Real Complain to the Cert Exam

Dear Support,

I really don’t know how to say. take 3 times to exam. First is 61, second is 68, the last time … last time is 5 score…

5 score , do you know what is it ?

let me capture my screen

I zip my package, 828k, to upload, then it say file upload success.

but in the last, it said all of my files cannot find.

this is one big problem.

then second, the question said we need to get ‘ACME_URL’…but the result said :check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,

I try several times to change the config, but still said like this, anyone can tell me what is true ? what is false ?

then third, always said check for renaming activities 1, but…I already change the activities name every where, every where, so any robot can tell me what is my fault ?

the most important is, every program, I can run very smoothly at my laptop, including connect to orchestrator. But, still can not pass. I would like to know, whether the robot can really judge the score correctly ?


last sentence, I want to say, I am so tired…

this is the last time error…

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