Reading XML file using Deserialize XML activity

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you can Zip that file and then can share here :slight_smile:

UiPath MVP-2018
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here is the workflow :slight_smile:

NewXML.xaml (9.8 KB)

That is just a for each loop @Kamesh

Try repairing all the packages so that you will get all them once

Are you using it in the same workflow @Kamesh? Or it is different? If it is in the same, we don’t need to use that type.

That is because you haven’t selected the type of ienumerable. select required type in the drop down displayed at the top of the page

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worked thanks Hareesh !!!

Glad to help @Kamesh



How to get order id and account number alone. I just tried with message box i am getting Header and Body as message

  1. You need to check the local name of the item first
  2. as it is in the body, you need to deserialize the item XML only again inside the if loop
  3. Then use the next node to get the inner XML.
  4. Then you will get by giving as innerItem.Element(“OrderId”)

As it is hard to explain, please check the workflow sent you @Kamesh

Can you please provide screen shot of the same. Let me explain I am not able to update the package as only some package got updated


Here are the screenshot of the workflow @Kamesh



Can you please let me know if you are getting this issue when you are trying to install the package @Kamesh?

Yes Hareesh

Please let me know the .Net version you have and the studio version @Kamesh

Do one thing, take the back up of the project.json file after closing the workflow and then open the workflow again. Install all the dependencies and check.

Are you trying to move the workflow from one system to another?

Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:

Any chances of getting values from a dynamic API ? like the body getting additional nodes based on the dynamic web page.

Can you please Open a new topic and Sharing some more Details on the requirements with us. Thanks.