Reading values form excel (using workbook read range) but the value is comming as exponential, need to perform normal arithmetic operations on the values

Hi Team,

I am working on the project automation where I have 9 values which I read from excel file
Filename:- xyz.xlsx
Sheet:- ABC
I am using “read cell” activity from workbook provision (I don’t want to use excel application scope due to some requirement reason)

Now for all these 9 values, I am reading them and printing them in message box:- I am getting it in exponential form

I want to use if condition on them to check if they are between -0.05 and +0.05.
But when I am doing the comparison the comparison going in the else condition (which meaning exponential number compared with integer value)

Please help.

@Palaniyappan, @HareeshMR, @aksh1yadav,, @loginerror

may i know what was the condition expression used, a screenshot if possible
Cheers @hacky

The values in the excel are of what type?


(PL2ValueH91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueH91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueI91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueI91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueJ91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueJ91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueK91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueK91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueL91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueL91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueN91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueN91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueO91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueO91 < 0.05) And (PL2ValueP91 > -0.05 And PL2ValueP91 < 0.05)

This is used in the if condition and PL2ValueH91, PL2ValueI91, etc being the variables of Read Cell activity

As per what I see, when I checked it in the format cells option in excel I see its of “custom” type.
And since its client’s file, I dont see myself changing to format.

using the read cell activity to what variable type are you passing the value?
(Please note that M91 value is hidden)
This is how it looks like in excel file.
But when I take these values in “Read range” of workbook and also excel application scope into generic variable, I see that the output is :-

Above are the exponential values for the exact values (also in the excel file there are many formulas and calculations behind every cell).

After getting the values, can you try converting the values to double or integer and then check in the if condition @hacky? Just a suggestion


Thanks buddy, But I already checked this and it works fine.


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