Reading the topmost reply in a mail chain

Hi Team,
I have a requirement where in I am getting mails of different type like new mails and mail chains as well , so my requirement is to read the top most mail in a mail chail and not the other emails in that chain, please suggest me some thing .I am using getoutlookmailmessage activity but when I am iterating the list and printing the body in case of single mails it is fine but for mail chains it shows the entire chain nd not the top most reply

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Hi @Ritika_Singh
make sure top count will be given according to ur need …basically this helps u in getting top list of messages in your inbox

Hi @nikhil.girish ,

My requirement is different I want the topmost from a mail chain , not from the whole inbox list, If you can please help

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Hi @Yoichi ,

Any input and suggestion from your end would be really appreciated


We can identify id of some e-mail message using Message-ID in mail header.
In UiPath, we can get it as the following.

strMessageID = mail.Headers("Message-ID")

mail is MailMessage instance.

And there is In-Reply-To and/or References in mail header if the mail is replied mail. And Message-Id of original mail is described there.

strInReplyTo = mail.Headers("In-Reply-To")

So, we can create mail-chain using the above information in theory.


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