Reading text Issue from Browser alert box (Chrome only)

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Please advise … I’m unable to read text from Chrome alert Box and it’s working fine with IE Browser. Find the screenshot below.

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use Scrape Relative activity of Citrix Recording.

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It works but partially … Means it fails in a situation where we get a different Confirmation id as a screen shot mentioned in my previous post.

And in each time need to select “Grab from Screen” option manually in order to check / test

Any fix ??? Please advise …

In find image activity you should set scope as “Report was uploaded -confirmation id is” and in Get OCR Text set scope as id which you have to scrap.
by doing this you are scraping the relative element of “Report was uploaded -confirmation id is” which is id.

Hi … sorry not able to get you !!!

I am too facing this issue… it is bit difficult to interact with browser alert. Any workaround for this?

Yes. I have the solution.

  1. drag and drop an activity - ‘elementscope’ . this is to focus on the chrome pop up.
  2. update the selector as given below - this will focus on the pop up box
  3. drag a ‘get attribute’ activity in the do section. and update the input- attribute as “name” [ this is very important as the message text is held under “name” tag inside pop up
  4. ensure the selector for step no 3 is “”
  5. collect the ootput of step no 3 in a variable [ chrome_pop_message] - this will have the text of chrome pop up message for sure.

Or simply call below Get_Sequence_number.xaml (8.4 KB)
workflow when the pop up i available on screen.


I have a working solution for this if u are still searching for one. given below in detail as last comment

Your solution works for a single window, but when I run REFramework, element scope faults - Mozilla . Any other suggestions?

The answer is very simple…
step1 : Doubleclick Image activity and scrap the Number on the pop up
step2 : Copy selected Text and assign it to a variable…

Done… you have your Value.

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I got it working with the following way:

  1. Double click image Activity on dialog box string “Report was uploaded - Confirmation id is”
  2. Send Hot key Activity with Ctl +a to select all the text content
  3. Copy Selected Text Activity to convert the selected text to variable
  4. Assign Activity to substring only the confirmation id from the full text.


I consider this is the most effective decision proposed by

This worked for me . Thanks a lot.

To me this is the best / simplest and fastest approach to work with JavaScript message boxes in Chrome.
Thanks for the hint @AnishLal :slight_smile:

While the chrome alert is displayed please use UiExplorer and paste the below selector. In most cases the Ok button will be available. If not, just play around using 2nd selector which is mentioned below in the UiExplorer and you should get it.

  1. <html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’<replace this with your chrome title>’ />
    <ctrl name=‘OK’ role=‘push button’ />
    <ctrl name=‘OK’ role=‘pane’ />

You will also find a selector to read a text using the below. This will help you get to the pane where the alert is displayed and you can easily find it out from the Uiexplorer.

  1. <html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’<replace this with your chrome title>’ />
    <ctrl name=’’ role=‘pane’ />

Hello Anish,

I wanted to thank you for the detailed solution to the confirmation ID screen scraping issue for Chrome.
For half a day I worked on this component and could not get it to work, until I found your reply in this post.

Thanks to you I was able to finish the Dispatcher, test the entire process and pass the course.

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