Reading Text file to DataTable

Adding xaml file which is having the logic to get text file data into datatable.GenerateTable.xaml (11.2 KB)

Sample Text Data below

ID Collection Testing Time Date Time
123 S73KDDS 15:31:32 12:30:53

Please reply if any better way to deal with the text file to datatable

Hi @UI_Path1,
Workflow looks good. You are caring about empty spaces and also about exceptions. Very complex I would say :slight_smile:

Hi @Pablito ,

thanks for your reply, Do you have any sample xaml file which deals with Generate Datatable activity deals with txt file?

Unfortunately I don’t have but forum is the place where you can find anything (almost :stuck_out_tongue:)
Please have a look here:

Search results for 'txt to datatable status:solved' - UiPath Community Forum

I’m pretty sure there is something worthy.