Reading table from PDF. Invalid Cast Exception

Hi all,

This is my first post.

I have multiple pdfs which have text data and tabular data in them. I want to read the table data from each of the pdfs and write them in separate excels. I am using the Extract Structured Data Activity to select the table in the pdf, but it is showing Invalid Cast Exception: Unable to cast object of type ‘Newtonsoft.Json.Linq,Jvalue’ to type ‘System.String’.

How to go about this. Also, is there any other way to read the table from pdf. The pdf also has some text, which needs to be omitted. The read pdf Text doesn’t give the result in any standard format.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi Shreyas,

Even i am facing the same problem. Just need to know , Did you get solution for above query?
If so please let me know.