Reading Rows

Hi Team,

I am working in IBM Maniframe. Here in the screen it has got multiple row records, say 5 rows
Below are the categories
Uipath Forum
Release Notes for the month
Automation Cloud Migration Tool
Your topic is (similar to)
Next page

Above are the lines/rows present in the screen.

  1. I am scrapping the entire screen and storing in Screenoutput variable.
  2. Assign - Screenoutput.split({“categories”,“Next Page”})StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntires (Storing in NameScrapping)
  3. NameScrapping(1).Trim.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToArray,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) - Storing result in NameSplit)
  4. For Loop (NameSplit)

Question: It is printing only 3 lines. 4th line contains ( bracket hence loop stopping in 3rd line itself. How to fix it?

Hi @Balan

Can u show the intial input variable and final output u need ?

There is no specific input. I want bot to display each and every row in the screen irrespective of the row contains open bracket or not. I am just using message box to show each and every row datas.
Bot is not reading the line which contains open bracket. Let me know if you need any further information.
In the middle of the line it contains like
Your topic is (similar to)
Since it has got open bracket its not reading the line bot stops before this line

If you can share a sample text which u get from mainframe , and also the output which u need to get so that i can get the idea


Nived N
Happy Automation

Row 1 - NIVED NAMBIAR Robot Master
Row 2 - NIVED NAMBIAR Robot Master
Row 3 - NIVED NAMBIAR Robot Master
Row 4 - NIVED NAMBIAR (Robot Master)
Row 5 - NIVED NAMBIAR (Robot Master)

Above is the sample text. Bot reading only till Row 3. In row 4 it is not reading because it has got open bracket. Bot showing the row 3 in message box and stopped.

So whenever u are extracting data from mainframe, are u getting all the data?

yes we are able to extract all rows, but when we come across any lines with () open and close brackets its not reading that line bot stopped.

Anybody there to solve this issue…