Reading PPT file using UiPath

Is there any option for reading the PPT except the “Start Process” acitivity to open the powerpoint application?

Need to read a slide that has an image in it, need to scan that image in order to get the information.

Any solution to this?

Just curious, why do you not like to use “start process”? You can use that to open the PPT then use “Get OCR text” activity to read the characters in the image slide. Please provide more context on what you are trying to achieve

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Thanks @avejr748 for the reply!

Because, opening Powerpoint will require the microsoft package to be installed on the robot machine.

Just wanted to know can we have any activity or a way to scan the document without actually opening it, just like we read the PDF with OCR

You’re welcome @alpharobot
Oh okay, that makes sense. If you would be willing to use an custom activity from other developers aside from the official channels then I believe this custom activity will serve your purpose.

Have a look at the documentation if this will suit you