Reading pdf page per page



i’m trying to read a scanned pdf file that had 9 pages, extract one information from them,
i’m able to do that using scrape relative foreach pages (one by one), i need to open every page alone and then get the information using start process but it did not works:


Hi @abdel,

In order to read a specific page, you just have to set the Range property. For example:


Hi @abdel,

Second strategy:
Main.xaml (8.9 KB)

In this case, it will open directly the second page. I just passed some arguments to Adobe Reader. I also included a logic to determine the number of pages of this PDF.

Scrape non sequential pages in a pdf
PDFのページ数の取得の方法:Please tell me how to obtain PDF number of pages

hello acaciomelo,

i had tested the code, he opened the entire file, i need to open a file when it is needed.

for ex: when extracting info from page 1: open page 1
we can imagine to separate the whole pdf in a separate files then open theme one by one and then( to do the info extraction).