Reading Outlook Email which has image in its body

I have an email which has an email as its attachment (attachment type is Outlook item).

Need to read the attached outlook email which has an image in it, in its body. Need to read the content of email and also the image in order to get the required information.

Sorry if that is confusing but in a nutshell I need to know:

  1. How to read an email attachment of type Outlook item
  2. How to read the image in the body of the email.

Can anyone please help me in this?

Thanks in advance

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I have achieved this with below steps

  • Create a separate folder in outlook for attachment emails(which will be added into the folder in further steps)
  • Save all email attachments into a local folder
  • Move all saved emails into outlook folder created in step 1 - To acheive this some desktop automation is needed to Open each outlook item from local folder and move it into outlook subfolder created in step 1 (Let me know if you need more details on this)
  • Use read email activity to read emails from the folder created in step 1(including attachments)

Save attachments activity saves the images embedded in the email body as well. Does that not work for you?


Thanks @Vinutha for the reply and information.

Good to know that you achieved the solution by this. I’ll surely try this.

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