Reading only a small part of a big file into a string for analysis


We are currently automating a process where we have emails sent to a ticketing system as attachments, in .eml files. Part of the process is to check whether the sender (of the email in the file) is from a particular domain. We have it all figured out and it works (reading the eml as a txt file with ReadTextFile, and then checking the content with IsMatch).

The problem is when the email has a big attachment, it takes a lot of time to read it into a string - it can literally take minutes.
So my question would be - do you know of any simple way to read just a first x kilobytes of a file, or possibly read it line by line? I cannot seem find any good way to do this, and would rather not dig myself into building my own workaround.

I would appreciate any direction.


Hi @Andrzej_Kinastowski,
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Have you tried to use only reference to mail body in your workflow?

If you are using File.ReadAllLines you should switch to File.ReadLines. The former reads every line of the file, which is not necessary here. File.ReadLines reads a file one line at a time, so it is quicker for large files where you can stop reading the file once the keyword is found.

Ahh, i missed this somehow. This helps, many thanks :slight_smile:

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