Reading numbers from screen


I’m new to UiPath and have some questions to check if it suit my needs.

  1. I have a task to reading real-time numbers from screen(Financial prices) to my C# program using OCR.
    Can it be done and what is the latency you experience reading numbers from screen?

  2. Is it alos possible to automate the process of pressing buttons?

  3. Can I read data from website and flash application?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @royd

  1. Yes it can be done in UiPath using screen scraping with OCR and mentioning that it should only read digits.
  2. It is very easy to automate processes that interacts with buttons.
  3. Yes you can, there is a dedicated web scraping wizard that only does this with a very efficient way and it takes literally minutes to learn it with a good tutorial.

Hope this helps,