Reading multiple word document inside a folder

How to read multiple word documents inside a folder?
I have alraedy worked on it but it didnt work please help.!
Thank you in advance!

Hi, (12.1 KB)

hope this would be of help

Hi @ashley11 Ashley,
Thank you for the solution .
But getting compiler error here.
SS attached. Please check it .

“files” variable : Generic value data type


Change Type Argument to String in For Each loop and then try once.

Hi @lakshman,
I have tried with the same but showing compiler error in that case too.

First assign string= directory.GetFiles(Filepath)

then put for each and put stringin it

and inside for each put read pdf text

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files must be of string array

strong text

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Hi @PDcoder

The basic problem in your code is variable DATATYPE. You should use an Array variable instead of Generic value.

For that in Variables panel click on Variable type. Select Array of [T] and below pop will come.


and select String data type which should resolve your problem.


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