Hi Team,

I have two PDF scanned attachments, I need to get the values from that and put into the some web site.
I am using read PDF with OCR, it is returning the values inside the PDF.
How can I extract the values inside the PDF without using start index and end index?
I need to extract the value for each PDF.
It is very helpful if you give best way of retrieving the values with multiple PDFs without using the start and end index.

Girish S

Either use relative OCR scraping
Copy output of “Read PDF OCR” into word document
ex: my name Alex… and so on…

1.Ctl+F to find relative item (name) then lose the focus by hotkey right then
2.Shift+Ctl+Right to select item(Alex) next to relative item and Ctl+C to copy
3. use copy the selected text and pass the variable for further opeartion.

Its very bad solution but it works. :smiley:

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I will try once I reach office …thank you dilip for you time…kudos